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Frozen Jr.

The Junior version of the Stage production based on the animated movie. Designed for a smaller stage space that might be perfect for high school or children’s theatre venues. All built to be shifted by the younger performers.


Designed by Jordan Slusher, the package includes three portals; creating a 34’ wide by 17’ tall proscenium opening. Other pieces include a large rolling castle door, the ‘Wandering Oaken’ cart, two stair units for the Ice Palace, rolling portrait and banner bases for various castle interiors, and hanging pennant and foliage garlands all backed by a series of stunning rear projections.

  • Built: 2022

  • Movement: Medium

  • Offstage space: Hard fly units / rolling units actor motivated

  • Number of Trucks: * 1- 26’ truck

  • # Line sets used: 7

  • Groundrow: None

  • Portals: 4-soft

  • Load-in crew: 2-carps / 1-elecs / 1-props / 1-fly

  • Load-in time: 6+ hours

  • Show crew: 1-carps / 1-elecs / 1-props

  • Fly crew: 1

*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


Designed by Jacob Locke, reflect the feel of the original animated movie. Sizes built for a youth cast; of approximately 60 to 80. All principals are included (plus the child, teen and adult Elsa and Anna). Breakaway ELSA dress to reveal the Ice Dress included. Also includes the OLAF puppet for youth performer/puppeteer.  Snow Chorus and Hidden folk pieces included. Townspeople available upon request.

  • Built: 2022

  • Supported cast: 17-principals and minors (including young and middle Elsa and Anna) / Ensemble of mostly young girls and 4 young boys.

  • Shipping: One large canvas hamper / one container for OLAF puppet / one bin of accessories

  • Alterations: Some seam allowances / some gender alternatives in Ensemble

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: N/a

  • # Ensemble Tops: N/a

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: Older Anna / Young Elsa / Older Elsa


Minimal props created. All travel in “Toy Box” built for Anna/Elsa bedroom and one blue bin..
Include Bag of Ice for Christof / Scepter and Orb on Pillow for coronation / Toy ‘Snowman’ / plastic sword for Hans. Ensemble pieces for Castle Staff and Summer. Rolling elements include the Portrait Gallery and hanging Banners for interior Castle. Oaken cart dressings permanently attached.

  • Built: 2022

  • Offstage space: Minimal

  • # of road boxes: Toy Box/ Blue Bin/ large Oaken Cart

  • Furniture: Fainting Couch

  • Expendables: None

  • Individual items for rent: None


  • Built: 2022

  • # of drops: 3 portals

  • Types of goods: Drape fabric / Use of Rear Projection screen is subject to availability.

  • Size range: Full stage

  • Shipping: 1-hamper