This lively and tuneful mash-up of stories and characters from the imagination of Dr. Seuss had a rocky Broadway debut, but has since become one of the most popular titles in the whole canon. Filled with whimsy, humor, and childlike wonder, Seussical provides a marvelous array of characters for performers to embody.


This colorful and humorous scenic package was cleverly inspired by the Dr. Seuss illustrations. Built in 2005, whimsically designed by J Branson for a 44′ wide by 22′ high proscenium. Slightly flexible.

  • Built: 2005

  • Movement: Crew motivated

  • Offstage space: Large

  • Number of Trucks: * 1-53’ air-ride

  • # Line sets used: ~20 (~5 hard hangers)

  • Groundrow: No

  • Portals: 5- (1- hard w-elecs / 4-soft borders-hard legs)

  • Load-in crew: 12-14

  • Load-in time: 10+ hours

  • Show crew: 4-carps / 2-elecs / 2-props

  • Fly crew: 2

*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


The whimsical characters of Dr. Seuss have been interpreted by costume designer George Bacon into a colorful array of witty personalities, wearing recognizable outfits that effectively convey their identities. These non-literal interpretations are humorous and fun, while also being eminently wearable and easy to move and dance in.

  • Built: 2005

  • Supported cast: 9-principals / 10-male / 10-female / 21-children

  • Shipping: 3-gondolas

  • Alterations: None

  • Principal size range: Character specific

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: Character specific

  • # Ensemble Tops: Character specific

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: Some (Whoville)


All props including colorful playground slide, “Thinks” trunk, oversized fish puppets for bathtub scene and animals for circus sequence, etc…

  • Built: 2005

  • Offstage space: Average

  • # of road boxes: 3-containers / loose

  • Furniture: None

  • Expendables: None

  • Specialty Items: Thinks Box / Pilberry bush / nest & egg

  • Individual items for rent: None


Built: 2005

# of drops: 10

Types of goods: Muslin / 1-scrim

Size range:

Shipping: 2- hampers

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