Tommy, The Who's

The Who’s rock opera, about a “deaf dumb and blind kid” who discovers special powers as a “Pinball Wizard,” makes for a thrilling stage experience, with a compelling story and exciting music. Unlike the splashy 1975 film version, which treats the story as a series of outlandish music videos, the 1992 stage adaptation tells a coherent, fascinating, sometimes disturbing story about child abuse and ultimate liberation.


*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


The visual look of this costume package, which was created by Beaver Bauer for the American Musical Theatre of San Jose, treats the characters and musical numbers with impressive 1970s rock’n’roll flash and glamor, while still delineating the characters with insight and specificity.

  • Built: Acquired 2007

  • Supported cast: 16+ Adult cast

  • Shipping: Cardboard boxes (13)

  • Alterations: N/a

  • Principal size range: ~10-Female / ~10-Male

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: Per specific needs

  • # Ensemble Tops: Per specific needs

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: None