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Complete package rentals cost from $15,000-$35,000*

assuming 2-4 week rental, individual packages are shown below.



This is dependent on the size and intricacy of the package.*



Depending on cast size, period, and the number of pieces.*



We have only a few shows that props packages that can be rented independent from the scenic package at this time.*



Per drop cost,  discounts may be available if a full show package is rented.  See the Drop page for more detailed information.*



This only includes the projection files. We do not rent any projection equipment with any of our show packages.*

A typical contract from MTW Rentals will also include additional costs such as:

1) The base fee for the use of applicable items (i.e., an entire set-props-costumes package, or components such as scenery or costumes only).

2) A deposit (an addition to the base fee), out of which fees are kept for final cleaning/restoration of costumes and restocking of items upon return of the package.

3) A royalty fee made out to the scenic designer and/or costume designer if applicable.

4) Any fees involved in the shipping and transportation of those items, along with compensation and travel fees for a Technical Director (if applicable). Note that if the scenic package requires a Technical Director they will only be supporting the load-in and strike of the show. Any alterations must be approved by the Technical Director and are subject to a forfeit of a portion of the deposit.

*All prices shown are only intended to give a rough estimate and do not include any required deposit, transportation, or insurance fees. Complet show package rentals usually will be discounted.  Please contact us for up to date pricing and fee information via our rentals request form

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