The film Lili became the award-winning stage musical Carnival, telling the charming story of a young girl in a European circus who has an uncanny ability to interact with a group of charming puppets. The quartet of hand puppets offered include “Carrot Top,” “Reynardo,” and. “Marguerite,” designed by Kevin Mitchell in 1985, and “Horrible Henry” designed by Julie Rippy in 2010.


Four puppets “Carrot Top,” “Reynardo,” and “Marguerite” designed by Kevin Mitchell in 1985; “Horrible Henry” designed by Julie Rippy in 2010

  • Built: 1985

  • Offstage space: N/a

  • # of road boxes: One cardboard

  • Furniture: N/a

  • Expendables: N/a

  • Specialty Items: Puppets only

  • Individual items for rent: Puppets

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