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Annie Get Your Gun

Drawing on authentic photos and coloring books of the late 1800s, a painterly evocation of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show provides a richly detailed framework for this vintage show. Although this package was created for a large-cast version of the 1966 revival script (“Lincoln Center version”), it can also be used for the rewritten 1999 Broadway revival.


Bruce Brockman’s sets for Annie Get Your Gun look like vintage Wild West posters come to life, with an intentional 2-dimensional, painterly quality. Compact and cleverly designed, all the locations in the sprawling story are effectively covered, including an exciting ride for Annie on a trick pony. Sitting Bull’s tribal environment is also included in this version, although the “I’m an Indian, Too” number and ceremonial dance are not performed in all versions of the show.

*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


Costumes for Annie Oakley are based on authentic costumes worn by the famous sharpshooter, and all principal characters are attired in colorful, period-appropriate clothing. Designer Thomas G. Marquez has created a costume package with authenticity, practicality, and imagination, with garments available for a very large cast.

  • Built: 2004

  • Supported cast: 8-principals / 14-male / 16- female / 4-children

  • Shipping: 2- wooden gondolas

  • Alterations: Principals-built size specific

  • Principal size range: Female 5 to 14 / male 42 to 49

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: As per above counts

  • # Ensemble Tops: As per above counts

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: None



  • Built: 2004

  • # of drops: Painted muslin

  • Types of goods: 54’x26’

  • Size range: 2 hampers