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Anything Goes

Cole Porter’s melodic score and whimsical humor are the driving forces behind any production of this nautical farce. Two different versions of the show are licensed, the 1962 off-Broadway version and the 1987 “Beaumont” version from Lincoln Center. They have almost identical requirements for costumes.


*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


The splashy costume package for this 1930s-era romp was created by Thomas G. Marquez for the American Musical Theatre of San Jose, and includes spectacular gowns for society ladies on a transatlantic cruise, uniforms for the ship’s crew, and a large assortment of colorful, dance-friendly outfits for star Reno Sweeney, her showgirl “Angels,” and all the wacky characters on board.

  • Built: 1993

  • Supported cast: Named principals /   12-male / 12-female / sailors

  • Shipping: Cardboard boxes (13)

  • Alterations: Unknown

  • Principal size range: Unknown

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: As per above numbers

  • # Ensemble Tops: As per above numbers

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: None