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Since its television debut in 1957, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical version of the classic fairy tale has proven to be deservedly popular with audiences of all ages. The wonderful score includes “In My Own Little Corner,” “Ten Minutes Ago, “ “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful,” and a rich tapestry of melody and wit. Several different librettos are offered for stage productions, all using the same basic song score. Our 2002 production reflects the script Oscar Hammerstein II wrote for Julie Andrews in the initial telecast, but the package can be utilized for all the versions, with some adaptation. The 2013 Broadway version does have some different characters and expectations, which should be discussed with our rentals director if this is the version you have licensed.


*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


Designed in “Dickensian” style by Del Rinehart in 1988. Mostly adult sizes but alternate formal wear sizes available for men. Includes all principals, four dancer style “Carriage Horses”, Footman, Coachman. Women’s ‘daywear’ available as well as some ballgowns.

  • Built: 1988/2002

  • Supported cast: 8-principals / 10-female / 10-male

  • Shipping: 3-gondolas

  • Alterations: Some seam allowances

  • Principal size range: Small to large

  • Ensemble: No magic ballgowns, satin colonial looks

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: None



  • Built: 1988

  • # of drops: 1

  • Types of goods: Velour

  • Size range: 20’x26’