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Crazy For You

The vibrant music of George and Ira Gershwin propels this frothy show along on a tidal wave of great songs: “I Got Rhythm,” “Someone to Watch Over Me,” “Embraceable You,” “They Can’t Take That Away from Me,” “I Can’t Be Bothered Now,” and many more. The playful story line allows great opportunities for hilarious physical comedy and impressive dancing. This is an energetic and spectacular crowd-pleaser.


*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


The large, colorful costume package for Crazy for You was created by Thomas G. Marquez for the American Musical Theatre of San Jose, and then augmented with a lavish Ziegfeld Follies finale created at MTWichita. The exceptionally wide range of characters — socialites, showgirls, prairie cowboys — is well represented and vividly designed.

  • Built: 2010

  • Supported cast: 9-principals / 12-female   / 12-male

  • Shipping: 4-wooden gondolas

  • Alterations: No seam allowances

  • Principal size range: Female-2 to 14 / male-36 to 48

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: Specific dance looks

  • # Ensemble Tops: Specific dance looks

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: None


  • Built: 2010

  • Offstage space: Minimal

  • # of road boxes: 4

  • Furniture: Yes

  • Expendables: None

  • Specialty Items: Axes / rope machine / danceable table and chairs/ limo

  • Individual items for rent: No


Built: 2010

# of drops: 11

Types of goods: Muslin/ prosceniums / velour

Size range: 48’ wide to 54’ wide

Shipping: 1 hamper / 1 container