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High School Musical (Disney's)

With the phenomenal success of the 2006 TV film, a stage version was inevitable, and MTWichita was the first professional company in the U.S. to be granted the rights for it. An energetic, likable, and fully contemporary show, this is a great opportunity for teens of all abilities to shine. It also achieves a unique feat by bringing together the sports-minded jocks, the intellectually-driven brainiacs, and the drama-prone theatre kids, blending them into one diverse and lively community.


*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


For this modern show, most companies allow the cast members to bring in their own wardrobe pieces, but MTWichita can supply the specialty items, including East High cheerleaders, basketball players, chemistry lab coats, and basketball team mascot, all designed by Debbie Roberts. There are very few roles for adults (drama teacher and basketball coach, plus optional chemistry teacher), but endless opportunities for teens.

  • Built: 2007

  • Supported cast: Basketball uniforms / cheerleaders

  • Shipping: Cardboard boxes

  • Alterations: Some

  • Principal size range: Small to X-large

  • Specialty Item: Mascot available

  • Specialty Item: Drum line available

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: None



  • Built: 2007

  • # of drops: 6

  • Types of goods: Muslin

  • Size range: 54’x26’

  • Shipping: 1-hamper


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