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Little Mermaid, The (Disney's)

After an initially disappointing Broadway run, this stage transcription of Disney’s award-winning motion picture was re-tooled and re-structured, and has now taken its place among the most popular stage musicals of recent years. One of the first theaters to be given a license for this show after its New York debut, MTWichita chose not to follow the abstract Broadway design, but took inspiration directly from the animated film. Special emphasis was made with all design elements to clearly delineate the differences between life deep under the sea, or in the shallow waters nearer the shore, or on the land along the beach, or in the highest reaches of elegant society inside the towering castle.


This is a beautifully designed scenic package by J Branson. Originally created in 2011, and refurbished in 2018, with a few slight alterations to accommodate the revised final script. The designs for the evocative sets were inspired by the animated film, but are wholly original in execution. Package designed for speedy transitions and somewhat flexible stage sizes.

  • Built: 2011 / 2018

  • Movement: Crew motivated / some actor

  • Offstage space: 16’ SR & SL / 8’x20’ US /

  • Number of Trucks: * 2- 53’ air-ride

  • # Line sets used: 25- (3-hard [2-full stage track runs])

  • Groundrow: 4-“wave rows”

  • Portals: 5- (1 hard / 4 soft)

  • Load-in crew: 8-carps / 4-elec / 2-prop / 4-fly

  • Load-in time: 12+ hours

  • Show crew: 8-carps / 2-elec / 2-prop

  • Fly crew: 4

*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


This is a critically acclaimed costume package designed by Leon Dobkowski. Originally created in 2011, but in 2018 the wardrobe was completely overhauled, including several additional new designs, with almost all of the costumes being completely rebuilt from scratch, utilizing newer, optimally resilient fabrics. All the designs for the characters’ costumes were inspired by the animated film, but are wholly original in execution.

  • Built: 2011/2018

  • Supported cast: 12-principals / 9-minors / 11-female / 11-male / 12-teens / 14-children

  • Shipping: 2- hampers / 2-gondolas / 2-containers

  • Alterations: Few

  • Principal size range: Female- 0 to 12 / male-36 to 48

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: Specific types

  • # Ensemble Tops: Specific types

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: “Under The Sea” special fish


  • Built: 2011

  • Offstage space: With scenery

  • # of road boxes: 2- containers / loose items

  • Furniture: Yes

  • Expendables: None

  • Specialty Items: Trident / magic sea shell

  • Individual items for rent: None


  • Built: 2011

  • # of drops: 16+

  • Types of goods: Muslins/ scrims/ [water] Mylar curtains / velour portals

  • Size range:

  • Shipping: 4- hampers