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Mary Poppins (Disney's and Cameron Mackintosh's)

The adventures of the world’s most magical nanny finally came to the stage four decades after her Academy Award winning film debut. Combining elements of the beloved motion picture with additional characters and elements from the books of P. L. Travers, this is an extravagant and charming all-family musical. MTWichita offers a beautifully designed and articulated all- inclusive package of sets, props, costumes, and backdrops, which evoke both the atmosphere of the film and of the original watercolor book illustrations.


Built in 2013. Beautifully designed and articulated by J Branson. Set pieces evoke the watercolor illustrations of P. L. Travers’ original book series. Package includes drops and scrims (55′ wide x 26′ high), designed for speedy transitions and somewhat flexible stage sizes, as well as several crew-operated special effects (magic carpetbag, kitchen, nursery elevator) with no automation required.

  • Built: 2013

  • Movement: Crew motivated

  • Offstage space: 16’ SL & SR / 10’x30’ US

  • Number of Trucks: * 3- 53’ air-ride

  • # Line sets used: 29 (4-full stage tracks / 4-designated flying lines)

  • Groundrow: Yes

  • Portals: 5

  • Load-in crew: 12-carps / 4-elec / 4-props / 4-fly

  • Load-in time:

  • Show crew: 6-carps / 2-elec / 2-props / 2-ground fly

  • Fly crew: 4

*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


Costumes designed by George T. Mitchell for a cast of around 54, including several children. Built in 2013, all the designs for the characters’ costumes were based on the Disney film, but are wholly original in execution. 

  • Built: 2013

  • Supported cast: 7-principals / 15-female / 17-male / 19-children

  • Shipping: 6-gondolas / 2-hampers

  • Alterations: Few

  • Principal size range: Specific to performers

  • # Ensemble Bottoms: See above numbers

  • # Ensemble Tops: See above numbers

  • Shoes: None

  • Wigs: None


  • Built: 2013

  • Offstage space: With scenery

  • # of road boxes: 2-containers / loose

  • Furniture: Yes

  • Expendables: None

  • Specialty Items: Prams / star lighter wands / chimney brooms

  • Individual items for rent: None


  • Built: 2013 *Second smaller set available not compatible with scenery

  • # of drops: 11

  • Types of goods: Muslin / scrim / leno / velour portals

  • Size range: 54’x26’

  • Shipping: 4-hampers