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A 1980 Tony nominee for Best Musical, Tintypes is a 5-person musical collage which brings to life various personalities and historical moments from the early 1900s in America. The non-stop musical score samples over 90 vintage songs during its two-hour running time. Five prototypes of the era are introduced: an immigrant man from Europe; a powerful man who is confident in his white privilege; a powdered and pink society woman; an immigrant woman from Europe; and a Black woman making her way in the workforce. As the evening progresses, each takes on various specific personas - Rough Rider and President Teddy Roosevelt, activist Emma Goldman, Ziegfeld’s wife and star Anna Held, vaudeville showman George M. Cohan, etc. - and the issues of the era are brought into focus through the songs, through historic speeches, and through a series of “silent film” sequences which are pantomimed to the music of Scott Joplin. A hard show to describe, this can be a charming, entertaining, funny, touching, and educational presentation with the right cast in the right venue.


*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements



  • Built: 1989

  • Offstage space: Minimal

  • # of road boxes: Loose

  • Furniture: No

  • Expendables: None

  • Specialty Items: Hobby horses (5)

  • Individual items for rent: Hobby horses


  • Built: 1989

  • # of drops: 4

  • Types of goods: Muslin

  • Size range: 20’ x 20’ / 1- 54’x 26’


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