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Where's Charley?

This 1948 musical farce, based on the vintage play “Charley’s Aunt” by Brandon Thomas, was a highly successful vehicle for its original star Ray Bolger, and its signature song “Once in Love with Amy” became a classic. Set on the campus of Oxford University in 1892, energetic student Charley and his roommate Jack are giddy with excitement over their impending visit with two young ladies, Amy and Kitty, to whom the boys intend to propose. But when Charley receives a telegram canceling the arrival of his Brazilian Aunt (whom he has never met), who was scheduled to function as chaperone for this important visit, Charley must then impersonate his own aunt to make the girls’ visit proper and acceptable. Farcical situations ensue which remain as funny today as they did a century ago, and Frank Loesser’s first Broadway score helps the proceedings to become a charming Valentine to an earlier era.


*See Space requirements for Logistic Requirements


Delightful costumes for all the principals were designed by award-winning costume designer Peggy J. Kellner, and they provide colorful clues to the personalities of each character, while remaining true to the decorative but restrictive era. Certainly all the costumes, despite the visual constraints of the 1890s time period, were designed for easy movement and dancing.



  • Built: 1998

  • # of drops: 9

  • Types of goods: Muslin

  • Size range: 54’x26’ / borders and legs

  • Shipping: 2-hampers


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